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ArtreeBeauty FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

ArtreeBeauty is your one-stop online store for discontinued, hard-to-find makeup.

No, ArtreeBeauty is a distributor of beauty products from a variety of cosmetic brands

There’s no simple answer to this question. Generally, companies discontinue beauty products in order to keep up with current trends and offer customers new innovative products.

No, we are a distributor of beauty products from a variety of cosmetic brands.

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Yes. We have a Quality Control Department that checks every single product when it comes into inventory, and again before an order is shipped.

The shelf life depends on the product. While mascara generally has a 3-4 year shelf life, items like eye shadow have a virtually unlimited shelf life.

If you haven’t been able to find your favorite makeup at a local store, it’s very likely that the product has been discontinued. This means the product will no longer be sold in stores and can only be found online while supplies last.

There are a variety of reason why an item might look different:

  • The product might look different due to changes made to the packaging, the formula, or the color. Please, look at the pictures on our website closely to make sure the item you’re purchasing matches what you have.

  • Please be aware: every computer monitor and mobile device screen shows colors differently depending on settings. This can sometimes affect the way colors are displayed.
  • The pictures on our website are taken in-house, which means that whatever you see it’s what you’ll get. Professional photo lighting can also affect the way the color looks.

When we sell out of an item, many times we have to re-stock from a different supplier. A different supplier may charge 2x, even 3x more of what we had previously paid for the item.

We have a note under the description of certain items that says that “Price may vary by shade”, what this means is that some shades will be more expensive than others. The reason for this is because some colors are really hard to find and when we do find them, the supplier charge us more for them.

When an item is discontinued, our wholesale department purchases the excess and overstock inventory from the manufacturer or wholesale distributor.

Every item is different. We might have an item with a month’s worth of supply and others with a year’s worth.

While we’re constantly looking for new discontinued products and trying to get popular items back, it’s hard to say if we’ll ever be able to re-stock a certain product since the stock may be gone for good.

No, we are not qualified to give any kind of beauty advice. This includes recommendations.

If you’ve found your beauty product but the “Add to Cart” button doesn’t work or there aren’t any shades shown in the “Choose Option” drop-down, that means this product is OUT OF STOCK and can’t be purchased.

If you can’t see your shade, it means we’re out of stock or we don’t have it. Our website gets updated daily and it’s always up-to-date of what we have in-stock. Any sold out shade gets automatically hidden.

If you can’t find the beauty product you’re looking for, it’s very likely we don’t have it in stock. Our website gets updated daily and it’s always up-to-date of what we have in-stock.

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