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How to choose makeup brushes?

How to choose makeup brushes

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If you are new to makeup, or if you don’t usually wear much makeup, you can buy brushes without buying a full set of makeup brushes. Here’s how to choose makeup brushes to help you. makeup brushes for beginners.

How to choose Makeup brushes

Bristle material

The material of bristles is generally divided into artificial hair and animal hair.

Animal hair has a good ability to catch powder because it has hair scales, so it can be used to catch dry powder products, such as eye shadow, blush, loose powder, etc.

Animal hair is also subdivided into wolf hair, squirrel hair, goat hair, horse hair, pig bristles, and so on.
Gray squirrel hair is the softest and most comfortable, mostly used for the loose powder brush, blush brush; yellow wolf hair elasticity, soft hardness is moderate, suitable for brush eye shadow; hog bristle is the hardest, mostly used as brow powder brush; goat hair is the most common, widely used in a variety of brushes.

Artificial hair including fiber hair, nylon hair, smooth and no hair scales, and weak grip powder, will not absorb too much product. It is best to use artificial hair when using wet products such as foundation, lip gloss, blush cream, concealer, etc., to bring out the hydrating properties of these products. The disadvantage is that it is relatively hard, and will tie the face.

the purchase of notes

  1. do not need to buy a full set
    If you are a newbie, or you don’t usually wear makeup, you don’t need to buy a full set of makeup brushes when you buy brushes.
    Many brushes can be a brush multipurpose, a brush to buying a brush is the right choice.
    Wooden bought a round-headed loose powder brush, usually often used to brush blush, brush highlight, and not just limited to brush loose powder.
  2. Not the softer the better, the stronger the ability to grab the powder the better
    Because different cosmetics have different needs, according to the corresponding needs to buy makeup brushes. For example, eyebrow brushes need to be hard, while blush brushes need to have a weaker ability to grip powder.
  3. if you have the conditions to buy branded brushes
    Any product, the brand certainly feel better, in all aspects have certain advantages, in the price is also beyond the ordinary a big cut.

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