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Do you know what’s living in your makeup tools ?

Makeup tools maintenance tutorial

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As Spring is in full effect and spring cleaning is here, now is the perfect time to clean out your makeup bag too! We often forget to replace our “favorite” lipstick or makeup brush because, let’s face it, with everything going on in your day-to-day life, changing something that’s already perfect is not on your to-do list. 

Here is why you should replace your makeup and makeup tools regularly:

As you use your applicators/brushes daily they will pick up dirt, oil, dead skin, and old makeup residue (even if you cleanse prior to application). These old and nasty deposits are also known as bacteria will sit and manifest on your applicator until the next time you use it. As a result, your pores can become clogged, leading to inflammation and acne breakouts.

Let’s take it a step further, you pop the pimples! Now you have exposed skin. Using a dirty or old applicator/brush on exposed skin such as popped pimples, open sores or scratches can potentially lead to a staph infection. Who would have known!?

These are things we can’t help. However, knowing this should make you want to put a sticky note on your mirror as a reminder to replace your makeup and beauty tools regularly. Take note that this applies to any makeup you apply directly on your skin such as lipsticks, eyeliners, and lip liners.

Tips on how to care for your Makeup tools:

Wash your tools regularly with makeup remover or antibacterial soap and allow them to dry thoroughly before use. Below is a simple guide.

If properly cared for, makeup brushes can last a lifetime. Be sure to lay them flat to dry. This prevents the brush from getting ruined. Note to self: once the bristles start to fall out, this is a sign to replace the brush.
MAKEUP SPONGES SHOULD NOT BE WASHED – makeup sponges soak up a lot of water and don’t dry, which allows bacteria to flourish, resulting in possible skin infections. Throw them out and use new ones!
Eyelash curlers need attention too! Simply wipe with an alcohol wipe and replace the rubber lining every three months.
While tweezers don’t break down or expire, they lose the ability to grab hair after a period of time. When that happens, it’s time for a replacement!
According to one Huffington Post survey only 61% of women are cleaning their makeup brushes once a month. Almost 39% of women cleaned their brushes less than once a month, with 22% admitting to never cleaning them at all. What percent are you?

What’s the lifespan on your makeup?

Makeup typically does not have an expiration date unless it contains SPF, this does not mean you shouldn’t replace it! Here is a simple guide to follow when you’re not sure when it’s time to replace your makeup.

Foundations and Concealers: This is your base, the “cover all”, and it should be an item you feel confident applying to your face. When your foundation/concealer has given it’s all, you will start to see a change in texture, whether liquid or cream it becomes oily or the consistency changes, this is your cue to replace it!The typical lifespan is 1 year but can be earlier depending on usage.

Lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss: Keep in mind that this is an item that you glide over your mouth constantly. Just think of what’s growing inside those tubes! We feel this is a personal preference; For some people who are finicky about their makeup they will replace it every couple of months, while others don’t want to get rid of their favorite color and hold on for 3+ years. We do not recommend using your lip makeup for over a year. Treat yourself to a brand-new lipstick and lip gloss each year.

Mascaras and Eyeliners: Our eyes are precious and should be treated as such! Mascaras and eyeliners typically come in contact with your eyes daily. This means your mascara tubes and eyeliners will accumulate bacteria! Since your eyes are sensitive and easily infected by bacteria, it is not uncommon to develop sties or conjunctivitis if you share your mascara. Therefore, we give mascara and eyeliners a maximum 3-month lifespan.

As tempting as keeping that old lipstick because it’s the “hottest color ever invented”, your health is most important! We subconsciously overlook the danger something so simple may cause. We hope this helps get you through cleaning out your makeup bag and invite you to take this opportunity to go on a makeup spree or buy a few of your favorite shades in preparation. Besides, healthy skin is the key to beautiful skin.

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