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Addiction Eyebrow Brush

Addiction Eyebrow Brush


  • Made in Japan
  • Brand:Addiction(JP)


With a uniquely wide cut, this eyebrow brush will give you exactly what you want, from a sharp to a natural look.
Eyebrow brush for an exquisite balance of elasticity, stiffness and width. The bristles will catch eyebrow hairs easily, and are suitable for lightly blending the applied eyebrows. Change the angle to draw sharp lines with full control. Wide, so use vertically to easily draw eyebrow ends.

  • Flat brush/diagonal tip.
  • Brush quality: badger.


Pick up appropriate amount of (eyebrow) powder with your eyebrow brush, and after removing any extra powder on the back of your hand, apply in the direction of your eyebrows.


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